Revision Station

This is the center of article revision. If any article does not follow a guideline, then a link to that page along with a small description of its lack needs to be put on this page. When the page fits all the guidelines, then it should be removed from this list. Be sure to check here often to see how you can contribute!

If a page is lacking a rule, then a small description of what needs to be done to the page needs to be written at the top of the article. Use this syntax:

 [[include system:(guidelinenumber)

Text and Content of article.

This is an example of what might happen:


This page is too small according to the guidelines.

Welcome to the example page. This page is an example to show you what to do with pages that don't follow a certain guideline. This concludes this article.

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Many pages are incomplete. Please help expand the articles!
All templates are currently in development. Once I decide how pages should portray information, I will develop the appropriate template and put it to action. I am using Wikipedia as a model, but I am not copying its format.

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