News Depository

This is the depository of all news for the Archive. These show the significant changes made in this site as a contribution to its growth.


Mar 17- Update on changes: new sidebar used, created new block quote, reduced font size, new includes for alphabetizing, changed featured articles, created an improved index, updated code of conduct. Still much to be done.
Mar 11- The Archive of Random Material's theme has been majorly upgraded, and the site is in the process of being revived from inactivity. This day marks the time when the entire site's goal and mode of existence switches. I had realized that my efforts to "redo" Wikipedia were in vain, and it would be redundant to try and create another online encyclopedia especially since one already exists. Now, my efforts will be going into turning this site into an actual archive for random material.
Jan 27- The picture include is updated and made way better. Code inspiration from James Kanjo!
Jan 19- Due to James Kanjo's incredible genius in using hover with CSS, hover is now implemented on the featured article icon!
Jan 01- Welcome 2009! I hope this site is able to grow into a community that can work together to create an excellent Archive.


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