Two Days Off
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We remarkably had two days off due to weather and ice. Strange since the first day, there really wasn't any ice at all. Oh well, I'm not complaining! It is actually quite funny, rather.

During those two days, I didn't have much homework other than the online class which I accidentally neglected. So instead, I concentrated on playing Fire Emblem, a hardcore strategy game. That's right: strategy. That means I had to use some brain power. To fill in some blanks, I also put thought into a new calculator game that I am building (my first RPG… how fun!). Other than that, I worked on the website a little, and I received help from one of my classmates.

When school started back, everything was back into full throttle. It was almost as if we just had a weekend and it was somehow Monday. Oh dear, please not Monday! Unfortunately, we will have to make up these two snow days on what would have been days we were off. Oh well, I think these two days were somewhat beneficial to many people, including me!

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