The includes are base pages that can be brought into an article through a simple syntax. These help the Archive be consistent, neat, and organized. When editing content in the Archive, please take these includes into consideration and use them when they are needed. These will not only make your job easier, but it also helps the overall quality of the Archive.

The Headers

There are a variety of headers for the Archive. These headers are used when either an article fails to meet a guideline or it is incomplete. Guidelines are marked with a combination of letters and numbers. When you need to include a header for an article that lacks a guideline, use this syntax:

[[include system:(guideline number)]]

This will automatically display the header. To erase it, just delete the include from the code.
You can add suggestions to how the article can be improved. Write the include code, but before closing the include with ]], place a |suggestion= and place the text after the equals.
[[include system:(guideline number)

If the article is not yet complete, then add this code:
 [[include system:incomplete

If an article has more than one header, you can use a combined header. This header will show that the article has multiple issues and needs refining.
 [[include system:multiple

If the header is needed, put True after equals. If not, then leave blank. The header itself allows suggestion, but the individual headers will not.


There is an include for pictures that will automatically give it a border. The syntax allows for formatting, adding a heading, captions, and a default image in case that the picture URL isn't given. To add an image, use this code.

 [[include picture

|float: This will align the picture either left or right. If you leave blank, the picture will align centered.
|heading: This will put a centered title above the picture.
|pictureurl: This is the full URL of the picture. If none is given, then a default picture will appear. If a dead link is given, then the name will appear.
|caption: This will display an italicized caption beneath the picture.

Math Equations

Math equations can be inserted with the [[math]] code, but the equation will not contain the right color. To make a math equation that has the right colored background, use this syntax:

 [[include math
|equation=(LaTeX math syntax)

The inline math include won't work.
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