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what is going on?
(by Timothy Foster 12 Dec 2014 22:33, posts: 2)
This is a test of will.
(by Timothy Foster 12 Dec 2014 22:32, posts: 2)
My past self was hilarious.
(by Timothy Foster 22 Sep 2014 21:53, posts: 2)

I no longer support this site. It is now my personal sandbox, and it is intentionally disorganized.

Welcome to the Archive of Random Material! This site is a library for information that is constantly modified to fit the discoveries of today. In this site, you can find all sorts of information from informational articles to simple how-to's! You are encouraged to consume information from this site and even contribute what you know by creating and editing articles. This site grows by the effort of its members, and we ask that you pitch in something too. In all cases, please use this site to your benefit as a tool and research engine.

The Archive has all sorts of information. To find what you are looking for, try visiting the index which contains a list of every entry. Since this list is automatically updated, it will not be missing an article unless that article doesn't exist.

You could also use our search engine to find the article you desire.



"The goal of the Archive of Random Material is to bring you desired information for free in a safe and easy fashion while utilizing the advantages of the Internet and technology. We strive to maximize convenience and encourage you to contribute to the site so that the Archive can grow and reach more people's needs."
~ Timothy Foster, Founder of the Archive

Our Databases
For your convenience, the entries in the Archive have been categorized into generic topics. This is the list of our categorized databases. If you cannot find your desired entry within these databases, then please try searching the index or using our search engine.

Article entries are similar to the passages you would find in an encyclopedia. Articles are written to be formal and informational as to give you reliable knowledge on a desired topic. These articles provide up to date data and a list of resources for further research.

Here is a list of neat things you can build, nice tricks you can do, and solutions to common problems. The How To section gives instructions for things that can be done by anyone for enjoyment, as a solution, or other projects.


Here is the documentation for things you can learn. Unlike the How To's, the tutorials provide in depth instructions on how something works or why it works as well as the instruction on how to do something. This ranges from things like cooking, math work, or even gardening.

Essays are a little different from the normal articles in that these will provide researched information in an argumentative manner meant to prove a thesis rather than just presenting the facts. Essays are typically written on the world issues, like teen pregnancy or communism, and they will give you a good outlook on the situation.

The Archive dictionary is a simple dictionary for words. This gives part of speech, synonyms, and related articles. The words are listed in alphabetical order for easy searching.

For a list of every single entry in the Archive, please see the Main Index.

Featured Article
A featured article is an article that the site administrators deem exemplary. These articles follow all of the guidelines and provide a plethora of information and documentation in an easy and visually pleasing manner. These articles are indicated by a banner in the top right corner of the page.
Most Popular Articles
These are the articles that views like the most and have given the highest ratings. Ratings are done by adding one or subtracting one to an article based on your opinion. The higher the rate, the more people have given it positive reviews. If you come by an article that you believed displayed all necessary content, had good format, and was easy to understand, we encourage you to rate up the article.
  1. Quiet (Rating: 3)
  2. Graphing Polynomial Functions (Rating: 2)
  3. The House on Mango Street (Rating: 2)
  4. Ender's Shadow (Rating: 2)
  5. Computer Images (Rating: 2)
Applications are open!!! Please join and start adding articles to help this database grow! We need all the help possible.
Math Problem of the Month
This is the Math Problem of the Month. If you want a math challenge, here it is. A new problem is posted every month, and the answer is given at the end of the month. See previous problems here.

Although this is not the case, if Christmas was on a Thursday in 2015, what day was Christmas on in 1980?

See Forum discussion here
Bible Verse

"…Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory."
~Isaiah 6:3

Tag Cloud
A tag cloud is yet another way to search the Archive. Just click a keyword below and get immediate results. The tag cloud does not know of every article in the Archive, so please refer to the Index if you cannot find what you need.
Recent News
The Archive is constantly changing through the efforts of its members. Here are the most recent significant edits made to the Archive. For the complete documentation of The Archive of Random Material's history, see News Depository.

Mar 17- Update on changes: new sidebar used, created new block quote, reduced font size, new includes for alphabetizing, changed featured articles, created an improved index, updated code of conduct. Still much to be done.
Mar 11- The Archive of Random Material's theme has been majorly upgraded, and the site is in the process of being revived from inactivity. This day marks the time when the entire site's goal and mode of existence switches. I had realized that my efforts to "redo" Wikipedia were in vain, and it would be redundant to try and create another online encyclopedia especially since one already exists. Now, my efforts will be going into turning this site into an actual archive for random material.
Jan 27- The picture include is updated and made way better. Code inspiration from James Kanjo!
Jan 19- Due to James Kanjo's incredible genius in using hover with CSS, hover is now implemented on the featured article icon!
Jan 01- Welcome 2009! I hope this site is able to grow into a community that can work together to create an excellent Archive.

If you have made a significant modification, made a new page, or contributed to this site in another way, please document what you did by adding news.

New Members
The Archive can only grow by the support of its members. Congratulations to our newest additions!

For a full list of members, see List of Members.

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