Prologue: TITLE
Objective: Defeat boss
Units Allowed: 3
Units Gained: 3
Boss: Thorn
Enemy Units: 7
Map Affinity: Water

The continent of Freius has experienced centuries of relative peace and unity. Following a conflict that threatened to enshroud Freius with an eternal darkness, the people organized themselves into six countries, each serving to guard an elemental emblem used to stop the conflict and to provide a service for the rest of the continent.

Raudona, the strongest military and political force on Freius, houses the Fire Emblem and shields the other countries from possible invasions from south of the continent.

Midoria, a land of open fields, holds the Wind Emblem and is the breadbasket of Freius, despite its small size.

Bordering Raudona and Midoria is Crun, home to the most skilled craftsmen on the continent and guardian of the Earth Emblem.

Dianli is an alliance of fiefdoms, whose leading house controls the Thunder Emblem. The mountains make for an abundance of natural resources but virtually no arable land.

Osidon, which houses the Water Emblem, is the continent’s champion of seafaring and naval exploration. Control of the waters makes Osidon a center for economic growth.

The last of the six original countries is Sioni, which is the center of Freius's religious activities and keeps watch over the Light Emblem.

Sometime after the formation of these countries, Sioni and Osidon worked together to colonize an archipelago north of the mainland. The country that formed there is called (Pipsqueak).

The people never forgot the stories of the terrible conflict waged by their ancestors. Rather than mourning for what they had lost, however, they continued to look to the future and worked to preserve peace for as long as it would last. For any of the seven countries to wage war on another would be a devious, unspeakable maneuver.

And yet, Raudona’s new king, Navaris, was plotting to do just that. Navaris has risen to the throne following a scandal regarding the successor of his late father, the king. Navaris had not been born of the king’s wife. Desperate to have a son, the king lost faith in his seemingly barren queen for a time, so another noblewoman the king knew from his courts became Navaris’s mother.

Unexpectedly, the queen had a son of her own, Josias, several years later. Being the son of the true royal family, Josias took Navaris’s spot as next in line for the throne. The jealous Navaris forcibly manipulated the court into favoring him over Josias after the king’s sudden death, 15 years after the birth of Josias. Once in power, Navaris exiled Josias from the country so that he would no longer be a threat.

While he was utterly shocked by this turn of events, Josias never lost faith that his half-brother would come to his senses one day. For now, however, he resides in Midoria, where he and his loyal retainer Damon work as mercenaries under Darius, who operates not too far from the capital.

Two years have passed since Josias was exiled…



A rural community, not too far from the capital of Midoria

Darius: Is everyone in position?

Alec: Yes, Darius. Josias, Damon, and I are all here. Mallory and Paris are on the other side of the ridge. Brent and Harod are waiting for you on the west side of the forest.

Josias: Everyone on this end is ready, Darius. Shall we begin making our way to the villages?

Darius: Go right ahead. Paris and Mallory have probably routed the bandits on their end. The stragglers will likely head to the forest, so Josias, I need you, Damon, and Alec to deal with any bandits who try to sneak to the villages in the confusion. Warn the villagers so they can lock down their houses. Alec, scout the area while Josias and Damon get in position. Those bandits have harassed the people of this region for the last time.

Alec and Darius exit. Josias and Damon position themselves just south of the villages.

Damon: Josias, is there anything you want me to do in addition to our orders?

Josias: That won’t be necessary, Damon. The peerage I used to hold is as good as void now, so may you try to address me as your equal?

Damon: As far as I’m concerned, you will always be a prince of Raudona. Even if you were exiled from the whole of (Continent), my lance would be yours to command.

Josias: Thank you, Damon. Just try to allow yourself to be more at ease around me.

Damon: I will. Wait, Alec is coming back from his scouting run. We need to be more careful when discussing your past…

Alec returns.

Alec: The bandits are coming! I counted seven of them coming through the woods!

Damon: Let’s move!

Josias: Wait, Damon, give Alec some pointers before we advance. He’s still a novice, so I’m sure he’ll appreciate the advice. But keep it brief. We must get to those villages before the bandits do!

Damon: Understood.


(Turn 1)

Damon: Alec, these bandits are wielding axes. Do you have your sword equipped?

Alec: I do. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll save my lance for anything that comes at me with a sword.

Damon: Good man. Also, keep in mind that as a foot soldier, Josias may fall behind us. If that happens, rescue him, carry him to me, and let me take him and set him on the ground.

Alec: Got it!

(Turn 2)

Josias: Damon, look. The bandit leader is leading the raid on the villages. If we can apprehend him, the bandits will and surrender, allowing us to end this battle.

Damon: True, but should we really capture him? I understand your disdain for meaningless bloodshed, but I’m not sure it would be wise to simply neutralize an armed criminal.

Josias: I know trying not to kill him will make defeating him more difficult, but being on a horse should give you an advantage over any infantry. If it makes you any more comfortable, we can strip him of his weapons and items once he is subdued.

Damon: …I see your mind is already set on this. I will do as you command, Josias.


1: Bandits are coming? Thanks for warning us. Wait, don’t leave without letting me repay you. Take this. (Got 2,000 G)

2: I’ve had it with those bandits! If I was only in better shape…take this, and use it to drive them out of here once and for all! (Got a Steel Sword)

3: Thank you for saving us! I know it isn’t much, but let me give you this. (Got a Vulnerary)

4: This robe is supposed to have magical properties. I can’t fight, so maybe you’ll find more use for it than I would. Consider it payment for taking out those bandits. (Got a Seraph Robe)


(Boss captured)

Josias: We’ve routed the enemy and captured their boss. Let’s turn him over to the villagers and let them put him to justice.

Damon: I admire your sense of mercy, Josias. I was surprised when you decided you wanted to become a mercenary, but you handle yourself quite well.

(Boss killed)

Josias: …

Damon: I’m sorry, Josias. His ferocity would not allow us to give any less than our all, but that does not excuse my failure to do as you wanted.

(The same regardless from this point forward)

Josias: I’m still not comfortable taking another’s life, even when I know it’s necessary. These bandits have committed many crimes over the past months, and nearly every country on (Continent) would give them death. But I feel that maybe, these people have some hope for redemption. They just need someone to show them the way.

Damon: Josias…

Josias: I know, I know. Maybe I should be willing to make more callous decisions. I just don’t know if I have it in me. If not, then maybe being a mercenary will help me develop that ability. That’s why I want to do this.

Damon: I am here to support you whenever you need it.

Alec: So, um, Damon…you haven't been a mercenary that long, but you've seen a lot of battles, haven't you?

Damon: I suppose you could say that.

Alec: So, yeah…uh, how did I do?

Damon: You did very well. I’m sure Darius is very proud to have a mercenary of your potential in his group.

Alec: I…wow. Thank you, Damon.

Damon: My pleasure.

Josias: Let’s meet up with the others now that we’re done here.

Damon: Yes, let's. We have some well-deserved rest ahead of us.




Enemy Units
No. Name Class Items Skills1
B Thorn Brigand (5) Steel Axe, Vulnerary Landwalker, Naturan
1 Outlaw Brigand (1) Iron Axe Landwalker
2 Outlaw Brigand (1) Iron Axe Landwalker
3 Outlaw Brigand (1) Iron Axe Landwalker
4 Outlaw Brigand (2) Steel Axe Landwalker
5 Outlaw Brigand (2) Iron Axe Landwalker
6 Outlaw Brigand (2) Iron Axe Landwalker

Boss: Thorn

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skills
Brigand (5) Anima 29 8 0 5 6 1 4 1 12 5 Steel Axe, Vulnerary Landwalker, Naturan

Against Generic:

  • Thorn: There are mercenaries on this side of the woods, too!? Crap…I’m not ready to die! Not today!

Against Josias:

  • Thorn: Shoot…they’ve got fire magic, too!
  • Josias: You will only die if you push us. Stand down now, and we will spare your life.
  • Thorn: And let you hand me over to those idiot villagers? Never!


  • Thorn: Wh-why…I don’t…want to die…


  • Thorn: Ah! N-no! Stop! You’ve won…just let me live…


Josias, Damon, and Alec are all available from the beginning of the chapter.


  • Objective:
    • Defeat Boss
  • Defeat: Any ally dies
  • Forced Units:
    • Josias
    • Damon
    • Alec
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