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Age: 19
Nationality: Sioni
Class: Cleric

Penelope is a former priestess of the Sioni theocracy. As a priestess, she had devoted herself to a chaste life in service to (Religion here), but that life was abruptly turned upside down when the bishop in charge of her temple illegally sold her as simple merchandise into a prostitution agency in Midoria. She was blessed, however, when the caravan shipping her to her destination collapsed from the stress of a heavy storm, enabling her to escape and live a portion of her life in a small Midorian village. When Josias and his company came along, she decided to join believing that she can better serve (Religion here) in a band that has no other dominant religious voice.



Penelope is very benevolent and humble, always seeking to serve and help others. Her dedication is to her religion, so all of her actions reflect that devotion in order that the (Deity) be represented well. Beyond that motivation, Penelope simply feels joy in providing aid and being a friend. Having dealt with people as a Sionian priestess, she has developed much patience and is thus very slow to anger. Her positive demeanor tends to be contagious, shedding onto others so that their confidence may be bolstered. Of all her beliefs, the one Penelope holds most dearly is that all things work together for good, even if the initial situation seems bad. This belief helps influence Josias as he develops his position that mankind does not have to be inherently evil.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Cleric (5) Heaven 15 1 9 5 11 10 0 9 4 5 Heal, Mend 30
Cleric (caps) Heaven 50 20 20 +2 20 20 +3 30 20 20 25 12 30
Valkyrie (20)1 Heaven 32 15 30 20 27 30 8 26 6 8 40
Valkyrie (caps) Heaven 60 22 28 +2 24 26 +3 30 23 28 25 12 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 45% 2
Str 25% 5
Mag 55% 2
Skl 35% 3
Spd 45% 1
Lck 60% 1
Def 15% 3
Res 45% 2
Con 0% 2
Move 0% 3
Bless 0 (L)
Miracle 5
Weapon Proficiency
Staff D
Sword E

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