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Age: 25
Nationality: Crun
Class: Swordmaster
Chapter: 4

Paris is a mercenary who does not possess a strong loyalty to any particular country, despite his upbringing in the capital of Crun. Paris developed a materialistic worldview ruled by money, influenced in part by the wealth of his family. Rather than enlist the Crun royal guard as someone of his ability and upbringing easily could have done, he became a mercenary in order to fulfill his ambition for riches. Although he grew to be a competent mercenary, he was always easily swayed by money and would work for whoever paid him the most, now matter how nefarious his assignments were. He eventually found himself in the employment of Darius's mercenaries, who were able to provide him with a steady income. When Darius decides that he wants to help Josias defeat Navaris, however, Paris deserts the company, fearing that going into battle against Raudona will be too dangerous to be worth any salary. Paris later reappears under the employment of a Raudonan troop leader, ironically receiving a lower salary than what Darius had given him due to his tendency to shy away from battle. His dissatisfaction with his current situation makes it easy for Josias to re-recruit him once he presents an adequate sum of money, though he still plans to avoid battle whenever possible.



Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Swordmaster (1) Anima 30 8 1 12 13 16 7 5 8 7 Steel Sword1, Brave Sword2 40
Swordmaster (20)3 Anima 43 18 5 25 26 28 15 12 8 7 40
Swordmaster (caps) Anima 60 24 20 29 +1 30 +1 30 +3 22 23 25 12 40
Growth Rates
HP 70%
Str 50%
Mag 20%
Skl 70%
Spd 70%
Lck 65%
Def 40%
Res 35%
Con 0%
Move 0%
Critical +20 0 (L)
Shade 5
Weapon Proficiency
Sword A



When re-recruiting Paris, he begins as an enemy unit. Talk to him with either Josias or Darius, but be ready to pay 5,000 Gold.

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