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Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Class: Warlock

Molech officially serves as one of Navaris's elite generals, though his mission differs from those of the other generals. Molech has two primary responsibilities. First, he is the agent of the Dark Cult responsible for being the visible force that keeps the nobles in the court of Raudona from speaking against Navaris, though their stranglehold on the court nobles is further strengthened by the many agents who work in the shadows. These additional agents allow Molech the flexibility needed to perform his second task: manipulating the devious prince of Crun into a more powerful position than his father and advising the prince to bring some of the more opportunistic feudal lords of Dianli under his sway. Molech tells the prince that this is the foothold he needs to gain control of Dianli in addition to Crun. All that Molech asks for in return is the elemental emblems of both kingdoms, which the prince regards as nothing more that ceremonial trinkets.



Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Warlock (20) Dark 55 20 26 23 22 20 21 28 11 7 Ixodi, Eclipse, Berserk 40
Critical+15 0 (L)
Resolve 15
Riposte 10
Miracle 5
Leadership 10
Weapon Proficiency
Dark S
Staff A
Thunder B



The idea was to have a high-ranking Dark Priest that was an extension of Navaris's will; to be wherever Navaris could not be. This boiled down to controlling the nobles of Raudona and manipulating Crun, tasks I decided one person could oversee if he had enough lackeys supporting him. His name is sort of a double entendre; the name is shared by a pagan god mentioned in the Old Testament, suggesting the sheer evil of the Dark Cult, and a "mole" refers to a spy who has infiltrated an organization or country, which describes his role both in Crun as well as Raudona (since the position Navaris gives Molech allows the Dark Cult to further influence Raudona's politics).

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