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Age: 24
Nationality: Dianli
Class: Wyvern Rider

If this was an actual game, Kaylin would be the only recruitable Wyvern Rider in the series who does not start as an enemy in their first appearance.


Kaylin is a captain serving in the army of the leading feudal lord of Dianli. Even though the leading lord has put much effort into maintaining the unity of Dianli, certain factions have gone out of their way to cause trouble, hoping to gain more land for access to more resources and wealth. Kaylin's unit has recently been assigned to keep a close watch on Sarkman, a particularly troublesome feudal lord. About the time Josias enters Dianli as he makes his escape from Midoria, Sarkman's faction decides to make its move with the support of Crun. Kaylin's unit is quickly caught by surprise and would have been forced to flee if not for Josias's timely interference.


Although Kaylin holds a respectably high rank in her army, most of her renown comes from her tactical skills rather than her abilities as a fighter. This is not to say she is incompetent; rather, she is extremely cautious and is only willing to put her soldiers in danger when absolutely necessary. Instead, Kaylin relies on both using the terrain to maintain a strong position and positioning her army so that enemies will find themselves ambushed should they advance. These tactics often deter her opponents from attacking at all, since the internal conflicts that she has seen her whole life are never fueled by enough hatred to make her opponents zealous enough to press their attacks. Should her tactics fail to deter the enemy, however, she will not shy away from a fight as long as she can maintain the relative safety of her unit as a whole. These tactics have made Kaylin and her unit highly valuable for settling disputes.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Wyvern Rider (12) Earth 30 13 2 10 7 8 13 3 10 8 Steel Axe, Vulnerary 30
Wyvern Rider (caps) Earth 50 20 +2 20 20 +2 20 30 20 +1 20 25 12 30
Wyvern Lord (20)1 Earth 54 28 6 25 18 21 27 14 11 9 40
Wyvern Lord (caps) Earth 60 27 +2 20 25 +2 23 30 28 +1 22 25 12 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 75% 3
Str 50% 1
Mag 10% 1
Skl 45% 2
Spd 30% 3
Lck 40% 2
Def 40% 3
Res 25% 4
Con 0% 1
Move 0% 0
Flying (L) 5
Armored (L) 0
Canto (L) 0
Naturan 10
Weapon Proficiency
Axe C
Lance D


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