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Age: 17
Nationality: Raudona
Class: Lord
Chapter: Prologue

Josias is the Prince of Raudona, and the main character of this game.


Josias's very existence created turmoil in his family. His mother died giving birth to him, and his stepbrother, Navaris, recognized that he was no longer first in line to succeed his father as the king of his nation. Since Josias was born of the woman the King had loved and married while Navaris was not, the king naturally would show favoritism toward Josias, which only intensified his stepbrother's jealousy. This jealousy morphs into a lust for power that becomes his greatest ambition, moving Navaris into action. When the king fell ill, Navaris killed his father, declared himself king, and exiled Josias from the country. Many lords and nobles were enraged at Navaris's treachery. Navaris enforced his rule over them by employing a group of dark magic wielding priests, preventing Josias from receiving any open support from the nobles of his country.

Josias had received education in fire magic, for which he had a natural aptitude, since it would fall to him to wield the magic contained in the Fire Emblem should danger ever beset the country. He and his most loyal retainer, Damon, a paladin who opted to accompany him on his exile, were able to use their skills in lands abroad as mercenaries for various companies, being sure never to remain in one place for to long to avoid building any reputation. Before long, however, Navaris began increasing his military activities on the advice of his dark priesthood, intent on increasing his power over the other nations on the continent. When Josias confronts his own countrymen in battle, he realizes that nobody will be able to contain his stepbrother's lust for power, and decides to try to unite the remaining countries against his home country to put an end to the bloodshed that will inevitably ensue.


Initially, Josias has a strong but naive faith in the human capacity to do good. This drives his to do whatever he can to help people in need. He also believes that anyone who receives discipline ought to be given a second chance, which, in the opinions of some of his companions, makes him too trusting toward convicts and his enemies. However, it is this trust that allows Josias to build relationships with other countries' rulers, even those who have felt wronged or been wronged by his country's affairs. It also causes him trouble since some of the people he shows mercy towards in battle abuse his trust and attempt to ambush, capture, or kill him in deceitful ways. Regardless of how Josias handles his conflicts, his trust becomes much less naive. However, one of three things will result from his experience: he may become hardened, losing faith in humanity and himself; his trust may falter, conceding that some people are simply beyond hope of redemption; or his beliefs may become more resolute if he finds that even those that have wronged him the most may be willing to change.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Lord (1) Light 18 0 6 6 7 5 2 8 5 6 Blaze 30
Lord (caps) Light 50 20 20 +3 20 20 30 +1 20 20 +1 25 12 30
Fire Prince (20)1 Light 46 12 31 23 26 29 14 27 7 7 Mulciber 40
Fire Prince (caps) Light 60 20 30 +3 25 27 30 +1 20 30 +1 25 12 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 65% 3
Str 20% 4
Mag 60% 2
Skl 40% 2
Spd 45% 2
Lck 55% 1
Def 20% 4
Res 45% 2
Con 0% 2
Move 0% 1
Skills Capacity
Prayer 0 (L)
Leadership 10
Weapon Proficiency
Fire D


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