Fire Emblem: A Title I Do Not Know

An interesting idea for a Fire Emblem game. Will be filled in soon.

Sample character: Darth Sidious

Some stats:

Total Playable Characters: 21

Total Male Playable Characters: 14

Total Female Playable Characters: 7

For Comparison:

  • Sword of Seals
    • Total: 54
    • Male: 35
    • Female: 19
  • Fire Emblem
    • Total: 44
    • Male: 31
    • Female: 13
  • Sacred Stones
    • Total: 33
    • Male: 21
    • Female: 12
  • Path of Radiance
    • Total: 46
    • Male: 32
    • Female: 14

Playable Characters by Timothy: 12

Playable Characters by Kevin: 7

Playable Characters by Jonathan: 2

General Summary:

There are some kingdoms that have been coexisting in peace for a time. Each kingdom is the guardian of a particular element (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, and light). A long time ago, a great darkness covered the land (presumably by either a meteor or artificial means), and six great sages came together, combined the elements of the Earth, and dispelled the darkness. To ensure that the work they had performed would not be undone, the great sages sealed their individual magic in emblems. These emblems can only be reactivated by a descendent of the respective sages except for the Fire Emblem, which was left unsealed for the purposes of a leading nation and emergency use. Therefore, each kingdom guards an emblem and rules its individual kingdom.

In the Fire Kingdom Raudona, there was a king who was having trouble bearing a son. His wife, the queen, seemed barren, and out of desperation for an heir, he had another women act in the queen's steed, bearing for himself a son. The son, Navaris, grows up thinking he is the heir to the throne. However, in her old age, the queen suddenly bears a son, Josias, who becomes the legitimate heir to the throne instead of Navaris. After about 15 years or so, Navaris's jealousy grew to a breaking point, and he killed his father, the king, and takes the throne for himself, exiling Josias from the country in the process. During these 15 years, Navaris had been planning his take-over, hiring a certain group of dark priests in order to execute his regime and suppress the political council. Meanwhile, the priests (who serve as the Secret Service under the step-brother's empire) had contributed to making Navaris power hungry, and the confines of his kingdom were no longer enough. To satisfy his need for power, he would begin invading other smaller kingdoms to "unify" the continent under the Master kingdom, the Fire Kingdom.

However, the dark priests have their own scheme. Secretly, without even Navaris knowing, they are using the Fire Kingdom's military strength and the anger/hunger of the new king in order to gain access to the other elemental emblems. Together, these emblems can dispel global darkness, but in the wrong hands, they can bring it about as well. The dark priests had devised rituals that would nullify the sealing magic on the emblems; once they brought the emblems together for this purpose, they could bring back the ancient darkness. The cult seeks to cleanse the world of the innate evil of the human nature by resurrecting this darkness, thereby killing all people, so that the Earth may begin anew in time. They believe that putting up a facade of good is a lie and that the only way to purge the world of evil is to use their own evil for the benefit of a good end. Ironic, but they really believe they are doing the right thing: death ultimately will bring life.

Some years later, after Navaris has established his grip in the kingdom's political sphere, Josias (the main character) begins to realize what his brother is doing. He had been exiled to a different kingdom, and in that kingdom, he used his magical talent to serve as a mercenary. Once he realized that his step-brother's ambitions were going to cost lives, however, he decides that it is time to claim the throne that is rightfully his.

Aella's Entrance

Aella comes across the main character rather early in the game. As Josias is beginning to discover the consequences of his brother's conquest, he runs across bandits. Among them is a girl who is being "picked on" </euphemism>, and the main character cannot bring himself to abandon her (unless his character is against helping, which seems unlikely). He and the mercenary group routs the enemy and rescues the girl.

The girl, Aella, is a magically inclined archer. However, in the country she and the main character are in, females are forbidden from the arts of magic. She lived with her dad in her village until her 13th year when it was discovered by someone that she secretly practiced magic. She felt that the consequences would be too much for her and her father to bear, so she faked her own death, letting only her father know that she lived. Her mother had died at childbirth, her father never remarried, and she was an only child. As such, her father passed down some of his hunter skills to her, and because of this, she felt she could possibly live on her own, off the land and temporarily in other villages. All the meanwhile, she practiced her magic, but without a proper teacher, her natural talent never developed.

Because of the attacks by Raudona, soldiers were being taken from their original posts for battle preparations and the possibility of war. This meant that certain regions had less protection and law enforcement than usual. Therefore, two years after her exile, bandits became more bold in raiding small villages. They came across Aella, and having not killed a man, she could not properly defend herself and was therefore captured. Josias managed to intersect her as this was happening, a miracle if you will.

Directly after the rescue, Aella realizes that the main character is a well-versed mage. Under normal circumstances, she would have simply left, having lived a solitary life for so long and not wishing to put herself into danger. But, the opportunity was too great to pass up: she could secretly learn from Josias to hopefully develop her magic skills while claiming she traveled with them for protection (and helping with her archery skills). She still cannot tell anybody about her magic, so at this time, the player should assume that the girl is a measly (well, actually a rather competent) archer unit.

Epilogue Possibilities

"[B]ased on how I defined Josias's personality, I am not so sure he should kill Navaris. On the other hand, he needs to be changed somehow by the progression of the story, and his choice regarding his half-brother's life should somehow reflect that. So, I came up with a plan to make the scene do that. The number of bosses the player chooses to capture rather than kill will determine whether Josias spares Navaris's life.

This would allow three possibilities for the progression of the story. 1) Josias will not kill his brother, but would be determined to punish him justly for what he had done while forgiving him. This is of course the optimal progression and results from many captures. 2) Josias does not kill his brother on the spot but decides he must be executed, but still forces himself to forgive him. This is from moderate capturing. 3) Josias executes Navaris himself, saying that his experiences have shown that mercy cannot result in any good. This is from capturing very few bosses. (If we make this a plot-critical mechanic, perhaps we should allow mounted units to be captured and rescued by other mounted units so that mounted bosses do not automatically count against you.)

Furthermore, this affects the ending of the game. Remember that the Dark Cult's actions will challenge Josias's belief in human goodness throughout the story, culminating in confronting this belief directly, just before the final battle. Ending 1) will allow Josias to say that while humans do deplorable things that deserve punishment, there is no need to stoop to their level of murderousness. Even if human nature demands that we may be evil, by some miracle, we are also capable of doing so much more good (when we write the script, I fully intend to say "by some miracle" because if I understand the Bible correctly, any good we do is literally a miracle of the Holy Spirit, either from direct intervention or from His transformation of our hearts). Ending 2) will have Josias give a more uncertain answer, but he will say effectively the same thing (the Dark Cult leader will of course bring up the fact that Navaris is now on death row, resulting in a bit more uncertainty). Ending 3) will leave Josias completely unsure of what he truly believes since his actions have directly contradicted what he once thought was his nature. He will concede that perhaps there really is no good in humanity, but that for the sake of the slim hope that he is somehow wrong, he cannot allow the world to simply be destroyed. The Epilogue will also detail what kind of ruler Josias becomes, which will of course depend on which ending the player gets."


One-Two sentence summaries of chapters:

Prologue: The group shows off their mercenary skills, driving out some bandits who have been causing trouble for some time.

  1. Before the group can rest, bandits surround the fort and attack a nearby village hoping to split the mercenaries so that they would be easier to rout. The mercenaries drive them off and save the village.
  2. Darius relates to the group how soldiers have seemingly disappeared from the region thus prompting him to send a scouting party to find out more. Afterward, they decided to move toward the capital in light of information relaying an intense border dispute between Raudona and Midoria.
  3. After one of the mercenary missions, the company comes across Aella and rescues while at the same time granting her refuge, all without monetary compensation under Josias's goodwill.
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The General Scheme of Things

A Presupposed outline that can get more detailed as time goes on.

  • (Before P) Raudona secretly allies with Crun's power-hungry prince.
  • (P - Ch2)Raudona gradually weakens Midoria's border defenses, disguised as typical skirmishes.
  • (Ch3 - Ch4)Josias makes his way to the Midorian capital in response to heightened bandit activity, which he knows is due to his brother's aggressive actions.
  • (Ch5) Raudona fully invades Midoria.
  • Josias reaches the capital at around the time Navaris's forces reach the capital.
  • King Midoria gives Josias the Wind Emblem for safekeeping, and Josias escapes.
  • Josias is reported to be involved to Navaris.
  • Josias flees for the Dianlian border.
  • Dianlian feudal activity heightens as major feudal lords such as Sarkman ally with the Crun prince.
  • Midoria falls.
  • Josias makes it to the Dianlian border.
  • Crun civil war starts; Raudona sends some aid to the prince's faction.
  • Midoria is secured; Sioni remains neutral, and Osidon prepares its defenses.
  • Josias helps neutralize the rebellious Dianlian lords at the leading lord's request.
  • Molech steals the Thunder Emblem at some point during the Dianli conflicts.
  • Before the conflicts are fully resolved, Josias receives word that the Thunder Emblem has been stolen. Josias first assumes that a rebellious feudal lord is responsible, though he quickly discovers this is not the case and begins to suspect Raudona's involvement.
  • Once the Crun prince secures his power, Raudona and Crun regroup and prepare to invade Osidon.
  • Josias rushes to Sioni to convince them to aid him.
  • Stuff I don't know.
  • Josias winds up at Pipsqueak somehow.
  • More stuff I don't know.
  • Josias battles Navaris at some major location in Raudona at some point near the end of the story.
  • The Dark Cult retreats to the Curtain Range and sets a trap to obtain the Fire and Wind Emblems; Josias pursues them to retrieve the other four emblems.
  • (E) Topheth dies. The end :D

Lol, consider this: Raudona = Germany, Crun = Russia, Midoria = France, Osidon = Britain, Dianli = Italy and its neighbors, Sioni = US. Remind you of anything? ;)

Holy cow, and I thought PoR's plot shared elements with WWII…except Germany and Russia exchanged their total land areas.

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