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Age: 22
Nationality: Raudona
Class: Soldier

Edison is an unfitting soldier enlisted into the Raudonan army to invade Midoria. While burning with patriotism to serve his country the best way he knows how, Edison has no physical aptitude rendering him inutile in actual combat. Although he may be weak and untrained, his mind is sharp and his demeanor clever. Therefore, it is not an uncommon sight to see Edison in his oversized armor stumbling around hopelessly yet actually slaying enemy soldiers with homemade weapons and what he calls "chemical warfare".

When Edison came across Josias, the true prince, he shifted sides in order to truly serve his country and the rightful heir to the throne, remembering to before Josias had been exiled.



Edison is a bookworm. He knows more on the theory of fighting than actual fighting itself. Much of his interest is in the pursuit of knowledge, but his patriotism outstretches that interest tenfold. Such patriotism compels him to act, hence the reason he enlists in the Raudonan army, even if common sense dictates that he shouldn't.

Socially, Edison is a bit of a dunce lacking the ability to speak off the top of his head. His thoughts swim far too long for conversations to be interesting whatsoever, though with a small circle of close friends, this proves no problem. His social ineptitude is really showcased when interacting with females; his default defense mechanism is usually spouting out random obscure facts or using overly elevated vocabulary to unintentionally appear smart.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Soldier (8) Light 26 9 1 8 9 14 11 2 8 6 Killer Lance 30
Soldier (caps) Light 50 20 20 20 20 30 +4 20 +1 20 25 12 30
Halberdier (20)1 Light 49 26 5 19 20 32 29 10 10 7 40
Halberdier (caps) Light 60 27 20 24 25 30 +4 29 +1 21 25 12 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 65% 3
Str 45% 3
Mag 10% 1
Skl 30% 2
Spd 30% 2
Lck 50% 2
Def 45% 3
Res 15% 3
Con 0% 2
Move 0% 1
Nullify 15
Weapon Proficiency
Lance C


Edison starts as a Raudona grunt. Speak to him with Josias.

Support Options


Death Quote (not recruited): "In the name of… Raudona…"
Death Quote (recruited): "Long live… Josias…"

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