On the continent of Placeholder, there are six countries which hold the land together under an alliance forged by the countries' leaders hundreds of years ago, along with a nation-state. Since then, these countries have coexisted mainly in peace with only minor skirmishes occurring between borders for resource claims.

The six countries were founded by ancient sages who expelled a great darkness hundreds (not billions) of years ago. Each of the six sages used their specialized elemental magic to seal the darkness and lock it away. In doing so, they formed six emblems, one by each sage, which could be used again in the future if such a thing were to happen again. Each of the emblem's magic was sealed such that only descendents of the sages can unseal the respective emblems. Only the Fire Emblem remained unsealed for use in emergency if the alliance were to go to war with other far lands or if an internal conflict needed conclusion. From then on, a country formed around each element with a nation-state forming a couple of centuries later. These countries, collectively, represent Placeholder.


Raudona: The Fire Kingdom

Midoria: The Wind Kingdom

Osidon: The Water Kingdom

Sioni: The Light Kingdom

Dianli: The Lightning Kingdom

Crun: The Earth Kingdom

Pipsqueak: The Nation-State

Obviously a fake name…

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