Chapter 28
Chapter 28
Objective: Defeat Boss
Units Allowed: 15
Units Gained: None
Boss: Navaris
Enemy Units: 33 +19
Map Affinity: Anima






Enemy Units
No. Name Class Items Skills1
N Navaris Fire King (20) Mulciber Leadership, Flare, Daunt
W Royal Guard Warlock (20) Ixodi, Physic, Warp Occultation
1 Royal Guard General (14) Short Spear Leadership
2 Royal Guard General (10) Javelin Leadership
3 Royal Guard Sniper (6) Silver Bow
4 Royal Guard Sage (6) Bolganone, Sleep Adept
5 Royal Guard Sage (6) Thoron, Silence Cancel
6 Royal Guard Hero (8) Brave Sword, Vulnerary Grievous
7 Royal Guard Swordmaster (5) Steel Sword
8 Royal Guard Halberdier (8) Heavy Spear, Short Spear
9 Royal Guard Warrior (5) Steel Axe
10 Royal Guard Halberdier (8) Horseslayer, Short Spear
11 Royal Guard Paladin (7) Silver Lance, Dracoshield Corrosion
12 Royal Guard Paladin (7) Silver Sword Disarm
Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skills
Warlock (20) Dark 44 12 26 22 23 24 16 26 10 7 Ixodi, Physic, Warp Occultation, Critical+15


Turn 4
No. Name Class Items
R1 Royal Guard Paladin (4) Steel Lance, Javelin
Turn 5
No. Name Class Items
R2 Royal Guard Paladin (4) Steel Sword, Hand Axe
Turn 8
No. Name Class Items
R3 Royal Guard Halberdier (6) Short Spear
R4 Royal Guard Sage (5) Arcwind, Elthunder, Mend
R5 Royal Guard Sniper (4) Steel Bow, Iron Longbow
R6 Royal Guard Swordmaster (6) Longsword, Iron Sword
R7 Royal Guard Hero (5) Short Axe
Turn 10
No. Name Class Items
R8 Royal Guard Sage (8) Meteor, Elfire
R9 Royal Guard Warrior (8) Silver Axe
R0 Royal Guard Druid (14) Nosferatu, Berserk
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