Chapter 2: Call to Arms
Chapter 2
Objective: Seize
Units Allowed: 4
Units Gained: 2
Boss: Gazak
Enemy Units: 26
Map Affinity: Anima

No introductory info.



The next day, at the mercenary camp

Darius: Everyone, I think you can guess why I’ve called us together this morning.

Josias: I suppose we need to find a way to deal with this constant onslaught of brigands?

Brent: Indeed. The villagers and landlords are extremely grateful for our services over the past days, especially given the circumstances, so they offered us one and a half times our usual wages. Even with their generosity, however, we will all literally work ourselves to death if this keeps up for much longer.

Darius: Exactly. I love working for this kind of salary, but banditry should never happen this often if the soldiers are doing their jobs, too.

Harod: Yawn! Could you hurry up and get to the point? I could barely get on my feet this morning because of yesterday’s battle, and…is that…I think I hear my bed calling me…

Darius: I was just getting to the point. And you’re not going anywhere.

Harod: Hahaha! You never quite catch my jokes, do you, Darius?

Darius: Oh, ha…of course. Anyway, this could be very serious. I suspect that something has happened to the soldiers who are supposed to patrol this area.

Josias: What!? How is that possible?

Mallory: If something befell the soldiers, do we have any hope of escaping their fate?

Darius: That depends. I don’t have any idea what may have happened, or whether anything has happened at all. Still, this puts us at great risk. We cannot be the law for the entire Midorian countryside. While we have a moment of peace, let me say this to you: every one of you matters to me. If anyone of you died, I would feel as though I had lost a brother. I may be willing to kill for a stack of gold, but I would give up a fortune if it meant protecting even one of you.

Paris: …Why?

Darius: I already said it. You matter to me, even if I know you would never do the same for me.

Paris: I see. I know you well enough to know saying how stupid that is won’t change your mind.

Josias: Paris! How could –

Damon: Peace, Josias. That’s the closest thing to a kind word Paris has spoken in a long time. Let it go.

Josias: …

Harod: It’s nice that you’re willing to stick up for us and, all, Damon, but how do you know we even need to worry? I mean, really. I haven’t seen any dead soldiers or an abandoned fort anywhere around here.

Darius: That’s exactly what we need to look for. If we send out a large group, however, any bandits lurking around here will know our camp is vulnerable. We’ll need to pick a small group of people to investigate the military fort that’s supposed to be to the southwest of here.

Damon: A small group will also have to be able to handle any ambushes. I volunteer myself for the scout group.

Darius: You make a fair, point, Damon, but I have a good reason for not sending you out. Over the past weeks, I’ve heard the bandits talk in fear about you and me in particular. That means if either one of us leaves this camp, any nearby bandits may be emboldened to attack the camp, and we can’t have that. We still need to get as much rest as possible.

Damon: …I understand. Who will you send, instead?

Darius: Three people should be enough. So, I want to send Paris, Mallory, and…Josias.

Damon: What? With all due respect, Darius, I’m not comfortable leaving Josias with those two. Paris has no regard for his welfare, and Mallory – well, trouble manages to find him too often for my liking.

Mallory: I can’t argue with that. If it wasn’t for this heavy armor, I probably would have died a long time ago…

Darius: I don’t appreciate you talking about my men that way, Damon. I understand your concern, however. Brent, are you willing to accompany them?

Brent: Gladly.

Darius: It’s settled, then. Josias, Brent, Paris, and Mallory, you are to leave to investigate the fort in half an hour.

Josias: Yes, sir!

Josias, Paris, Mallory, and Brent exit

Damon: Thank you, Darius. And please accept my apologies.

Darius: Not a problem. It’s in your nature to look after those you care about. I know what that feels like, so I would never take lightly your concerns about Josias. Alec, you’ve been quiet this entire time. Do you have anything to add?

Alec: No, sir. You know how I get when the whole company is together like that – I can’t seem to get a word in edgewise.

Darius: That’s true, and it’s why I made a point of addressing you once the four I sent on the mission left.

Alec: Ah, right, of course. Thanks!

Damon: I hope nothing happens to them while they’re out…

At the military fort

Mallory: Just our luck! Look at that place – it’s crawling with bandits!

Paris: Figures. We’ve seen what Darius was looking for, now let’s hurry back –

Bandit: Get them!

Two bandits appear, one on each side of the group. Paris takes one out in one blow; Mallory misses the other and is counterattacked. Brent promptly heals him while the bandit pulls back.

Mallory: What should we do!? We can’t just run from them now!

Josias: They’ve left us no choice but to fight. If we can seize a key location in the fort, we may be able to drive them out of here entirely.

Paris: You and your heroics…can’t you think of something that would let us AVOID combat!?

Brent: All of you, keep quiet and focus if you want to live – they are getting ready to make another charge!


(Turn 3)

Josias: There are so many of them…and it’s likely that the strongest bandits are waiting behind whoever is commanding them. Do we stand a chance of gaining control of the center…?

Darius: Just as I thought…the fort has been overrun. Looks like the bandits have geared up for battle…my men must have been spotted. They’re going to need my help if they expect to clear this place out!

(Josias activates Talk with Darius)

Josias: Darius?

Darius: Keep your mind on the battle. We'll talk later.

Josias: Of course.


Josias: Darius! What are you doing here? Is everyone else safe?

Darius: Josias, it’s good to see all of you are still in one piece. And yes, they should be fine. Damon is escorting them around the fort from a safe distance.

Mallory: That means something happened after you sent us away, doesn’t it?

Darius: Unfortunately, it does. Shortly after you left, one of the landlords in charge of our pay terminated our contract. Apparently, everyone is fleeing to the capital.

Josias: Was there another bandit attack?

Darius: No, just the fear of one. After all, a messenger apparently arrived this morning with news concerning the entire country.

Josias: …What sort of news?

Darius: It seems that the soldiers have abandoned their forts and outposts across the country…because all troops not stationed at the capital have been ordered to move to the Raudona-Midoria border with all speed. Raudona is evidently involved in a very serious border dispute with Midoria.

Josias: What!? That…that’s not possible…Nav – King Navaris would never…

Paris: They must be after the farmlands near the border. Makes sense to me. Midoria has plenty of farmland to go around, and Raudona just wants a piece of that.

Josias: Paris! Do you really think that’s all there is to it?

Darius: I know what you’re thinking, Josias. This is all rather difficult to swallow. It looks bad now, with the villagers in a panic about bandits, but I don’t think we really need to worry. Border skirmishes like this happen every so often. This should all settle down within a few days, with a little luck.

Mallory: Any luck at all would be better than what we had today…I lost count of the number of blades that were pointed right at my face.

Darius: Well, you made it out alive. That’s something to consider.

Josias: Darius, did you plan on moving the company to the capital, at least for the time being? Since the local villagers have moved to the capital for protection from the bandits, that’s where we should expect to find any business.

Darius: I did. We'll probably be using our time to rest rather than find work, but you make an excellent point. I can’t imagine this conflict will last more than another week, however.

Paris: Well, Josias, that’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard from you since… ever. Keep it up, and you might actually make it as a mercenary.

Josias: …

Darius, Mallory, Paris, and Brent exit

Josias: Navaris, what are you planning? I know you. A small collection of farming hamlets is of no concern to you. Do you seriously intend to invade Midoria?




Enemy Units
No. Name Class Items Skills1
G Gazak Knight (7) Javelin Armored, Enliven
1 Outlaw Brigand (2) Iron Axe Landwalker
2 Outlaw Mercenary (2) Iron Sword Shove
3 Outlaw Archer (3) Iron Bow
4 Outlaw Brigand (3) Hand Axe Landwalker
5 Outlaw Brigand (3) Iron Axe Landwalker
6 Outlaw Cavalier (2) Iron Lance Mounted
7 Outlaw Archer (3) Iron Bow
8 Outlaw Mercenary (3) Steel Sword Shove
9 Outlaw Fighter (4) Steel Axe Shove
Turn 1
No. Name Class Items Skills
R1 Outlaw Cavalier (2) Iron Lance Mounted
Turn 2
No. Name Class Items Skills
R2 Outlaw Fighter (2) Iron Axe Shove
Turn 3
No. Name Class Items Skills
D Darius Mercenary (13) Steel Blade, Vulnerary Shove, Leadership

Boss: Gazak

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skills
Knight (7) Anima 27 8 0 5 3 2 11 2 14 5 Javelin Armored, Enliven

Against Generic:

  • Gazak: Hahaha…you may have reached me, but with this armor I found in the fort, none of you stand a chance against me!

Against Josias:

  • Gazak: Haha…wait…what!? Fire magic!? This armor isn't any good against that!
  • Josias: I realize that. Since you do, too, you ought to throw down your lance.
  • Gazak: Oh, I'll throw my lance, all right…I'll throw it right through your gut!
  • Josias: You bandits never learn to take a hint, do you…


  • Gazak: Guh…how…this armor…


  • Gazak: Argh…fine…take this fort. We don't need what belongs to those soldiers anyway…


Mallory and Paris join you automatically from the beginning of the chapter.


  • Objective:
    • Easy: Seize
    • Normal: Seize
    • Hard: Seize
  • Defeat:
    • Easy: Any ally dies
    • Normal: Any ally dies
    • Hard: Any ally dies
  • Forced Units:
    • Josias
    • Paris
    • Mallory
    • Brent
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