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Age: 29
Class: Fighter

Bucky is a self proclaimed unique fighter who hails from Dilani. When bandits kidnapped his siblings, killed his parents, and burned down his home, he took a halberd and slew them himself. Ever since, he trained in the arts of fighting, focusing more on releasing his inner strength and heart than brute damage and power. He grew up to be a soldier of fortune, fighting crime and helping others out, usually enjoying the fighting as long as unnecessary bloodshed and death was avoided. His strong sense of justice was conflicted when he met Arion, a rogue that killed a noble for reasons unknown to him until later. Despite their conflicting personalities, they became friends. His light and somewhat carefree personality gained him many friends.

While searching for a possible fight and grudgingly letting Arion steal some things, he encountered a skirmish between Josias's forces and Raudouna's forces. Seeing Josias's reasoning, his justice prompted him to join Josias's side.



Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Warrior (3) Heaven 50 23 2 16 19 10 10 3 17 7 Silver Axe, Short Axe, Elixir 40
Warrior (20)1 Heaven 62 33 3 22 26 13 14 7 17 7 40
Warrior (caps) Heaven 60 +2 30 +3 20 28 26 30 25 21 25 12 40
Growth Rates
HP 80%
Str 70%
Mag 5%
Skl 35%
Spd 40%
Lck 20%
Def 25%
Res 25%
Con 0%
Move 0%
Critical+10 0 (L)
Shove 5
Resolve 15
Weapon Proficiency
Axe A
Bow D

Support Options

  • Arion ~ Enters with a C level support


Death Quote (ch.? to ?): "I've been beaten… Heh… I guess… this… w-was going to h-happen… sometime…"

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