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Age: 28
Nationality: Sioni
Class: Assassin

Arion is a shady rogue that is fleeing authorities in Sioni after killing a noble for reasons only known to his close friend, Bucky. Arion has a cold, stern demeanor that developed from his morbid childhood. This fatalistic attitude of life usually pushes others away from him, encouraging him to be independent and solitary. While he does not like working with others, he will cooperate in order to achieve his goals faster. His set of morals are very basic, as his self interest is what mainly drives him. However, he has an innate sense of loyalty to those he feels are true leaders worthy of his following, like Josias and Bucky.

Arion convinces Bucky to let him steal from some nearby storehouses while Bucky looks for a fight. Bucky encounters Josias fighting against Raudona's forces, joins them, and convinces Arion that following Josias will be beneficial to him.



Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Assassin (1) Thunder 33 14 4 20 23 15 9 8 11 7 Kard, Kunai, Blue Gem 45
Assassin (20)1 Thunder 43 22 6 30 32 22 13 12 11 7 45
Assassin (caps) Thunder 60 22 +1 20 30 +1 30 +2 30 20 +1 20 25 12 45
Growth Rates
HP 55%
Str 40%
Mag 10%
Skl 50%
Spd 60%
Lck 35%
Def 20%
Res 20%
Con 0%
Move 0%
Critical+25 0 (L)
Steal 5 (L)
Pick 5 (L)
Seawalker 5
Farsight 5
Stillness 20
Weapon Proficiency
Knife A

Support Options

  • Bucky ~ Enters with a C level support


Death Quote (ch.? to ?): "…Pathetic…"

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