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Age: 24
Nationality: Midoria
Class: Cavalier
Chapter: Prologue

Alec is a cavalier with relatively stable growth rates all around. Considering his high constitution, he may seem better suited as an armor knight, but fighting from horseback allows him to make use of his agility, which, while not outstanding, is surprisingly good for someone of his build. His most outstanding stats, predictably, are his constitution and HP. He has no especially weak stats, though his resistance is understandably low since he is a physical unit.


Alec led a quiet, unspectacular life in Midoria until his family suddenly split when he was 16. Unwilling to choose between living with his father or mother, since he felt no strong love from either, he opted instead to begin leading his own life, vowing not to make the same mistakes his parent had made. He struggled to make a living and lived on the verge of poverty for years, just barely earning enough money to afford basic necessities. When he was 21, He befriended Darius when they happened upon each other in a bar. Darius noted that Alec's build gave his the appearance of a strong fighter, and after several sparring sessions, noted that his natural talent with the lance and surprising agility made him well-suited for horseback combat, a niche that was still vacant in his mercenary company. Finding a horse big and strong enough to carry Alec proved difficult, but eventually Alec was enlisted in Darius's mercenaries, where he was at last able to lead a comfortable life as part of what felt like a stable family to him.


Despite his intimidating appearance, Alec is really quite shy. He is often unsure how he should interact with even the people he cares about most, though his love for his fellow mercenaries is strong. Once Alec becomes comfortable around a person, his usually sullen demeanor is replaced by excitability and good cheer. The models, or rather anti-models, for Alec's behavior are his parents; he remembers how their apathetic treatment of him made him feel and does everything he can to not be like them.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Cavalier (4) Water 28 6 0 5 6 5 7 1 12 8 Iron Sword, Iron Lance 30
Cavalier (caps) Water 50 +3 20 +1 20 20 20 +1 30 20 20 25 12 30
Paladin (20)1 Water 63 24 9 22 23 17 22 15 14 9 40
Paladin (caps) Water 60 +3 25 +1 22 26 24 +1 30 25 25 25 14 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 85% 3
Str 45% 2
Mag 20% 2
Skl 40% 3
Spd 40% 3
Lck 30% 1
Def 35% 2
Res 30% 3
Con 0% 2
Move 0% 1
Mounted 5 (L)
Canto 0 (L)
Weapon Proficiency
Lance D
Sword E


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