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Age: 15
Nationality: Midoria
Class: Hunter
Chapter: 3

Aella is an exiled young girl native to Midoria. One of her greatest desires is to be able to practice magic, but in a country where females are forbidden from magic, this dream seems as an impossibility. It is thence that Aella joins Josias and his company, in order to discreetly learn magic while aiding with her archery ability. Doing so eventually would lead her to discover that she is a direct descendent of the great Wind Sage who helped dispel the ancient darkness, making her invaluable to Josias's cause.


Aella was born into a small, independent village in Midoria. Her birth, however, signaled the death of her mother, so for her entire life, she lived only with her father, who never remarried out of mourning for his past wife. Consequentially, and motivated by love for his daughter, Aella's father passed down his skill in hunting and cherished her in every way.

Aella, however, had a greater passion for magic. Ever since traveling performers showcased their magic in her village when she was five, Aella had become fascinated with the magic arts. However, in Midoria, it is forbidden for females to practice magic. Therefore, in order to entertain her passion and not get reprimanded and persecuted, Aella practiced magic in secret under the guise that she was practicing her hunting or performing an errand or spending time with a friend. She has a remarkable intelligence, and so she was able to keep this facade up until a short time after her thirteenth birthday when a traveling merchant discovered her. Because of this, Aella felt compelled to run away for fear that the consequence of being detained would be too great for her father and herself to bear.

She therefore made the strong decision to fake her own death with only her father knowing the truth. All else who had known Aella would think that she was devoured by a bear while she continued on living on her own in the woods and between villages, surviving only on what her father had taught her in hunting since birth. All the meanwhile, Aella practiced her magic, but without a proper tutor, her talent never developed.

Aella lived like this for about two years. It was about this time, though, that the new king Navaris of Raudona was flexing his muscles in foreign policy, and for countries such as Midoria to prepare, soldiers were regrouped into main camps away from their original posts. Bandits, therefore, became more bold and began attacking small villages, and Aella was unfortunately intersected by a small group of the vagabonds in a forest. Had not Josias and his company rescued her, she would have been erased from history.

Afterward, Aella decided to travel along with Josias. During the battle, she noticed that Josias was a competent mage, and she felt that her passion could be ignited once again if only she had someone to study off of. Fighting along side Josias and possibly acquiring any talent and skill by observation was too great an opportunity to pass by, so Aella went with the party saying that she needed protection in these troubling times and had some archery skills to offer in return for the rescue.


Aella is a very intelligent, but soft-spoken young girl. From the outside, one can tell that she is in constant thought and careful calculation, and when she speaks, her every sentence seems to have ulterior purpose. Despite this atmosphere, Aella by no means comes across as stolid; rather, she contains within her a fair share of vitality and vivacity. She always keep close track on her social relationships, though, ensuring that she only opens herself up to those she truly feels that she can trust.

Internally, Aella has a deep sense of morality which conflicts some of her desires. She easily knows right from wrong and therefore can select what would be deemed as the "good" choice; however, when her desire conflicts with morality, she is not afraid of making a decision and is always confident that her decision was the right one or at least would turn out for the better. It is this that allowed her to decide to feign her death when she was discovered practicing magic, and it is this that would allow Aella to make bold, yet effective, decisions when Josias's team seems to reach a dead end.

Character Data

Class Affinity HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move Items Skill Capacity
Hunter (1) Wind 15 4 2 8 7 2 1 4 4 6 Sylvan Bow 30
Hunter (caps) Wind 50 20 20 20 +5 20 30 20 20 25 12 30
Tempestral (20)1 Wind 39 21 26 35 28 18 11 22 5 7 Zephyr 40
Tempestral (caps) Wind 60 21 28 30 +5 28 30 20 26 25 12 40
Growth Rates Promotional Gain
HP 55% 3
Str 35% 4
Mag 55% 3
Skl 75% 3
Spd 55% 3
Lck 35% 3
Def 20% 2
Res 45% 1
Con 0% 1
Move 0% 1
Quickdraw 0 (L)
Critical+10 0 (L)
Weapon Proficiency
Bow C
Wind2 C


Support options:


Death Quote (ch 3 to ?): "Is… is this… m-my blood…? I d-did… didn't think…"

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