Fe Equivalence Classes

Some characters are similar enough to each other that they can generally be interchanged. An equivalence class is a set of characters that either have very similar stat spreads or fulfill the same role. Since IS has been introducing power creep, some units in these classes might be strictly better than the others in the same class.

Units in these classes are ordered from best to worst. You can think of the top unit making the others in the same class "obsolete", though that isn't strictly true depending on color needs or scenarios where minute differences in stat distribution matter. For the first example, we see speedy armored units. The Black Knight is clearly the best of these and should in general be chosen over the others in the same class. However, if you instead need a Green speedy knight, obviously the Black Knight isn't very helpful, so looking down the list we find Amelia, the best (and only) speedy green knight.

Armored Units

Fast Armored Units

Unusually high speed for an armor unit.

Black Knight

Squishiest, but has Alondite and Eclipse making his offensive ability tiers above the others in his class.


Best resistance, has armor march.


Has the highest physical soak in the game, but lackluster in other stats compared to others in his class.

Offtank Armored Units

Trade maximal tankiness for more offense.


Inherent DC and QR.


Highest offense in the game. Requires DC to be truly S+ tier.

Pure Tank Armored Units

Very high HP, Def, and/or Res.


Legendary Weapon.


Tankiest unit in the game, but weak counter attack without substantial skill inheritance.


Generally considered the worst of the armored units.


Tome Fliers

The only flies with tomes.

Summer Corrin (F)

Higher speed means better offense.

Spring Camilla

Tankier option.


Calvary Healers

Attack Healers

Healer Healers


Sweeper Mages

Designed to ORKO multiple units, sporting high Atk and Spd.

Blade Mages

Special Move: Furious Desperate Blade. Works best on offense-oriented mages.

Mage Fighters

High Res allows these mages to fight other mages.

Tanky Mages

Higher HP/Def than average allows them to tank even physical damage.


Inherent Earth Boost; owl tome can make him even tankier and is a good CC option.


Also has good Res, but always gets doubled.


Has Excalibur, but generally weak return phase.


Inherent raven tome.

Robin (F)

Identical to Male Robin, but without the inherent raven tome.


Weakest attack in the game. Technically the tankiest mage, but cannot deal any damage back.

Raven Mages

Designed for countering colorless units (aka Blyn). Works best on defense-oriented mages.



Odin is so bad he is basically the worst possible unit in every single mage role. However, he is the best at being Odin.


For the most part, all dancers are S-tier since they inherit the strength of the unit they Dance/Sing.

Melee Dancers

Performing Azura

Legendary weapon which makes Sing even more OP.


Easily accessible Lightning Breath; deals magic damage.


Decent attack potential; inherent TA.


Still top tier, even if at the bottom of this list.

Ranged Dancers

Performing Inigo

Can counter both Reiny and Blyn with a Raven tome, and can dance.

Performing Olivia

Good Res and works well with Poison Dagger.

Performing Shigure

Poor attack potential.

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