Code of Conduct

All members of this site must follow this simple code of conduct so that minimal harassment and technologically transmitted abuse occurs. All members will be expected to be honest to this code. These rules are put out as friendly guidelines for others to follow in order to make the Archive a safe place to visit and to ensure that it's growth is not corrupt. Please read though the rules and obey them diligently.

  • Be respectful of other people, their work, opinions, and beliefs. Do not insult anyone based on racial, political, or religious reasons.
  • Do not advertise or post advertisements in any page of this site. As of right now, advertisements might be displayed at the top of a few pages if you are not logged on. This is an affair of Wikidot and not that of the Archive's, and it will disappear as soon as possible.
  • Appreciate the effort others put into this site. All work takes time, and this time given by contributors should be thanked rather than criticized.
  • Support others; do not oppose them. It is not right to start bringing down someone's contribution. Rather, it would be more beneficial to help.
  • Do not post or publish any morally disturbing content. If it shouldn't be read or seen by child, then it shouldn't be on the Archive.
  • Do not post illegal content. Violation to this rule will result in legal action, and this wiki site will not be held responsible for any unlawful actions.
  • Do not plagiarize. Always cite sources of research.
  • Contribute your personal best. Be yourself in all you do.
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