Algebra II

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Welcome to the unofficial guide to Algebra 2! Here, you can find all sorts of information about the terrible world of math. The guide is organized by sections. This page is an outline of all the sections with a small summary of the section under the heading. The headings are links to the sections. If you are looking for a specific topic, you can use the search tool on top or Ctrl+F.

Linear Functions and Graphs

This section gives a brief overview of the coordinate plane and linear functions. The graphical plane is observed. Linear functions are observed for their key components, and they are graphed. The process for graphing linear functions and identifying their forms is the primary discussion in this topic.

Linear Inequalities and Graphs

Graphing Systems

Solving Equations and Inequalities


Solving Systems

Polynomial Operations




This glossary is a list of the important terms in Algebra 2. There are links from various terms found throughout the article leading to the glossary.

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