Administrators are the core staff of the site, and they have the highest authority in the Archive. The role of the administrator is to make this site a safe environment for anyone. The administration role is one of prestigious value, and it should be taken to the utmost respect.

Administrators have all power over what the site looks like. They can alter any page, create and delete guidelines, control the forum structure, and ban other people who exhibit behavior in violation of the Code. The administrators, in turn, must follow their own code so that abuse does not result. This is the oath of the Administration Role:

"I, name, pledge, as an administrator for the Archive of Random Material, to make the environment of this site safe for those of all ages and to reduce the risk of offense within the community. With this, I put it on myself to be courteous to everyone, respect the opinions of the Archive community, be active within the wiki, moderate the content of the site, enforce the Code and Guidelines, and utilize my power for the better good. I will not disobey the Code and Guidelines, reject any member or person, and alter the site for worse. I am setting an example with my authority to all those in observance, and with this in mind, I will certainly be the leader I can be. I do accept this responsibility upon myself as an administrator of the Archive of Random Material."

Timothy Foster is the Master Administrator, and he has the final say in anything and power over the other administrators.

Note to members:

  • Respect the administrators
  • Obey the administrators
  • Take to mind that the administrators put a lot of work in the site

How can I become an Administrator?

To become an administrator, you have to show effort in this site. You have to be an active contributor, follow the guidelines, help others when they need help, follow the Code, and show respect to everyone. Administration is a prestigious role not to be taken for granted. Only those who show great effort, diligence, and leadership can be selected for administrative roles or moderation.

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